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VAN ĐIỀU ÁP KVP 15 - 034L0029

Mã sản phẩm: 034L0029
Thương hiệu: Danfoss
Giá thị trường: 1 đ
Tiết kiệm: 0 đ (0%)
Giá bán: 1
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Đặt hàng qua điện thoại: Mr Thịnh - 0918808005 / 0937250579

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Van điều áp Danfoss KVP 15 - Code number 034L0029

Sử dụng trong công nghệ lạnh và điều hòa nhiệt độ.

Regulating range 0 - 5.5 bar, factory setting 2 bar, max. working pressure 18 bar. 
Access port: ¼ in. Schrader valve for pressure testing. 
Max. test pressure 
KVP 12 - 22 = 28 bar, 
KVP 28 - 35 = 25.6 bar




Type KVP 15
Weight 0.351 Kg
Access port Yes
Approval file name REFRIGERANT VALVE 53R0
Cv value [gal/min] 11,010 gpm US
EAN number 5702428411813
Factory setting [bar] 2,00 bar
Factory setting [psig] 29,0 psig
Identical product 034L0219
Inlet connection type SOLDER, ODF
Inlet size [in] 5/8 IN
Inlet size [mm] 16,00 mm
Kv value [m³/h] 2,500 m3/h
Max. test pressure [bar] 19,8 bar
Max. test pressure [psig] 286 psig
Max. Working Pressure [bar] 18,0 bar
Max. Working Pressure [psig] 260 Psig
Medium temperature range [°C] -45 - 105 °C
Medium temperature range [°F] -50 - 220 °F
Outlet connection type SOLDER, ODF
Outlet size [in] 5/8 IN
Outlet size [mm] 16,00 mm
P band max. [bar] 2,0 bar
P band max. [psi] 29,0 psi
Pack format Multi pack
Product description Evaporator Pres. Reg.
Quantity per pack format 12 pc
Rated capacity R134a [kW] 2,80 kW
Rated capacity R134a [TR] 0,90 TR
Rated capacity R22 [kW] 4,00 kW
Rated capacity R22 [TR] 1,30 TR
Rated capacity R404A/R507 [kW] 3,60 kW
Rated capacity R404A/R507 [TR] 1,20 TR
Rated capacity R407C [kW] 3,70 kW
Rated capacity R407C [TR] 1,20 TR
Refrigerant(s) HCFC
Refrigerant(s) HFC
Regulation range [bar] 0,0 - 5,5 bar
Regulation range [psig] Pe 0,00 - 80,00 psig

KVP – Evaporator pressure regulators

The KVP is mounted in the suction line after the evaporator and is maintaining a constant evaporating pressure and thereby a constant surface temperature on the evaporator. The regulation is modulating. By throttling in the suction line, the amount of refrigerant gas is matched to the evaporator load.


- Accurate, adjustable pressure regulation with allen key.

- ''Hermetic" brazed construction.

- Stainless steel bellows

- Compact angle design for easy installation in any position.

- Pulsation damping design.

- 1/ 4 in. Schrader valve for pressure testing.

- Available with flare and ODF solder connections


·         Traditional refrigeration

·         Air conditioning units

·         Transport refrigeration


·         The KVP can be used to differentiate the evaporating pressures in two or more evaporators in systems with one compressor.

·         Protection against a too low evaporating pressure. The regulator closes when the pressure in the evaporator falls below the set value.


·         Wide capacity and operating range.

·         Regulation range: 0 to 5.5 bar.

·         For use with HCFC and HFC refrigerants.

Maximum working pressure PS = 18 bar.


Code number  034L0021  034L0023  034L0028  034L0022  034L0029  034L0025  034L0026  034L0031  034L0032

Type  KVP 12  KVP 15  KVP 22  KVP 28  KVP 35